6th March 2021

Pandemics are traditionally followed by realignments, a shuffling of the social and spiritual decks, the emergence of previously under represented souls, the sudden promotion of the surviving innocents to becoming the overriding power. Such immediate and unfettered authority is inclined to promote uncontrollable negatives, unabashed cruelty, unrepentant revenge, deliberate devaluing, and destruction of all previously protected dominant strains.

The collective voice of the populace is harsh and bent on reprisal, recrimination, their memory of past wrongs stretching beyond any horizon, recollections of kindnesses short, gossamer, so easily erased. Revolution is not bloody and destructive by necessity, it is thus through desire, vindictive vitriol, oft highly debatable, if not conveniently abstract.

The voice that turns upon the past, will without fail rebound upon the appraiser, the leaders of strife become the victims of resurging reevaluation, all revolts ends with   a normalizing counter insurrection.

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