8th March 2021

Arguments around fairness, equality, evenhandedness, general consideration, run directly against any acceptable concept of ‘race’. A physical event produces winners, losers, also rans, there is no finishing line stretched from one horizon to the other allowing equal participation, a level playing field for all. Life is combative, competitive, directly pitches neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, foe against foe, in a never-ending confused melee of ruled and unruled wars to finality.

Much noise is made about civilization, around morals and ethics, but the final line up at the food queue is all that eventually matters, and the only true measure of success or failure. All the good thoughts, kind opinions, inclusive words, are naught but pretty packaging that makes the true nature of existence a little more papaltable to our often very delicate stomachs.

By all means live your life to higher standards, give, donate valuable wealth of kudos to those of less luck or ability, but accept your own diminishment by proxy.

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