1st March 2021

The beginning of a new year, a full twelve months since our globe became infected, diseased, unclean, incapable of supporting the human race to its highest ideals, those of sociability, education. mass celebration, family, connectivity.

Looking forward, indeed looking back, what do we desire, what do we miss? An end to solitude would be the most obvious answer, the melding of souls back into a viable group, as opposed to seemingly increasingly singular individuals, cruel, inconsiderate, intolerant, self-obsessed, wholly mean in every imaginable sense of that word.  If quarantine had proved anything it is that homo sapiens alone is a miserable creature, inclined to adopt the worst of social graces with the ease of a starving boa constrictor released into a pit of defenseless rodents.

Take not my word for this unfortunate circumstance, but believe your own honest opinion, consider perhaps the latest posting you made to social media, your latest thoughts about the world at large, about those  taking responsibility for your welfare.

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