28th February 2021

Let us hope the traditional winds of March blow away the terrible doom and gloom February managed to level upon a world already besotted with sadness and sickness. Today marks the one-year anniversary of when most of us became fully aware of the terrible burden that the COVID 19 pandemic would spread upon our collective souls. We had been promised an inconvenience of weeks, of perhaps months, at longest a recovery by summer, Autumn, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, a time scale seemingly open ended even now twelve months in.

All time had proved is that science and medicine with their expected vagaries are incapable of any consistent answer to any question floated by the general public. Whether our enlightened ruling peers have any better clue is debatable, I am sure they think they have all the percentiles worked out in fine print, but rather doubt their assumptions are accurate. For the first time in an eon the intelligentsia are as lost as we the poor plebs, floating seeming endlessly down the same tragic river of despair arm in arm with the rest of humanity.

One thought on “28th February 2021

  1. It is a dark day of despair m’dear…. I remain hopeful spring is not far off. I miss you. Dogs and I go frequently to Moran but we have our place to infiltrate that does not effect others, We stay removed as the beasts get so very excited, I need to swim them and wear them out without them bothering anyone. My shelter from the storm. Today my face and arms are blistered as I had to apply a dermatological cream for prevention of skin cancer… I am hurting. John’s health remains marginal. It is our lives. We do miss you and thank you for sharing daily.

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