2nd March 2021

Human society, communities, entities are based around a pecking order, a hierarchy, either naturally occurring or imposed through circumstance, force, or unnatural exterior happenstance. Natural pyramids tend to elevate those of particular use to the mass below, having experience, capability, intellectual ability, organizational skills, all attributes than can by a cunning populace be instilled, passed on, through generational continuity or cliquish familiarity, forced to blossom, by special training or treatment, carefully built for the continuance and benefit of all. Imposed hierarchies are the result of upheaval, unnatural transformations amongst the hoy palloi, the outcome of infraction, upheaval, violence, verbal and physical, revolt, revolution, reaction, divisive discord, equalization, egalitarianism.

Equality, universality, commonality, is a particularly unlikely reason for the destruction of the natural schematic. Homo sapiens amongst all the beasts is possibly the least identical of all, having features, size, shape, mannerisms, wholly individual as opposed to multifarious. If we are to consider genetics, the notion of long-term design, development, natural selection, Darwinian evolution, as the basis of all living organisms, then forced equality is directly opposed to the natural process, however desirable, morally, and ethically demanded, intellectually beguiling.

Egalitarianism like universal suffrage is an idea that opposes almost every natural characteristic of the human psyche. To accept everyone’s opinion as equal and valuable, requires an admission of fraternity beyond normal persuasion. Since the first group of sapiens climbed down from the trees certain groups, forms, sub sects, have been isolated from the core, for whatever reason seen acceptable at the time. Even today, in a comparatively very enlightened society, certain individuals are isolated, caste out, expelled, removed from the whole, either for purely hypothetical reasons or possibly medical, moral, or ethical. Suffrage therefore begins and ends by an element of agreement, acceptability, common purpose.

Decidedly, the most arbitrary reason for elitism is financial acumen or enrichment. Considering anyone with the cojones to steal has the possibility of becoming extremely wealthy, why that particular asset should be considered an excellent reason for finding favor with peers is a mystery of continuing perplexity. Riches are after all simply metaphysical, having no intrinsic value beyond the metal or paper the sum is pressed or printed upon.

Power, physical presence, would seem a far more understandable poignard to suitability, showing if nothing else the ability to hold onto authority once achieved, continuance, as previously mentioned, being one of the major benefits of any pattern of reasonably long-lasting government. Models based on the acceptance of variances are more tenable than those proposing equal treatment and position, perhaps reflecting a general disbelief in such highly principled considerations.

Perhaps the path to enlightened equality is via an acceptance of the natural proclivity of inherent prejudice, and through admission facilitate reevaluation and transmutation.

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