9th January 2021

Good purpose is a most deceiving attribute, even though the generally accepted idiom, ‘the road to hell is paved with positive intent’, has illumed as a warning since before the confirmatory usage of that expression by that most illustrious of scholars, Samuel Johnson.

Quite plainly human kind are a most easily beguiled species. Having generationally infused an almost inexhaustible capacity for both imaginary and desirous thought we are as a result ever inclined to falsely assume that  the materiality we are so inclined to wish for is a portrayal of that which is in actuality true. Unfortunately, the outcome of such illusory befuddling   is predictable in the extreme, huge disbelief, closely followed by extreme disappointment, and finally an assured profoundly unjustified outrage and animosity towards those of a juxtaposed position.

Incorrect suppositions are disturbingly disabling to the intellect, seeming to have the ability to override logic, erase common sense, expunge knowledge, making misconception and  conspiracy seem untenably  more cerebral than  simple truth.

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