10th January 2021

One of the most regrettable effects of the ongoing decline in the acceptable level of moral value is the inclination to refute, indeed wholly repudiate any consequential guilt for the physical and spiritual results of statements or activity. Incitement, cajoling, egging, manipulative persuasion has become, rather than the hereto pillory worthy offence, an almost sanctified component of every day debate and rhetoric.  

That coercive behaviors are little different from direct or implied force seems beyond the capabilities of the protagonist to recognize, that enforcement through intimidation, harassment and duress are exactly opposing the values of freedom and independence oft being espoused is sadly somehow too oblique to be clearly recognized. Such behaviors might be laid at the door of ignorance, a lack of educational opportunity or equality. This is erroneous. We live in an age when knowledge is manifestly available to all, however, the choice between believing truth or falsehood is still singularly personal.

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