8th January 2021

A week into the new year and my need for good coffee and a bank visit took me to town yesterday. I last made the excursion down the hill on New Year’s Eve, a date that could never be expected to be typical, yet surprisingly the numbers of   pedestrians, motorists, and shoppers, were comparatively similar. As I remarked to a friend whilst downing my Mocha, ‘Seems more like the 39th day of December 2020 than anything remotely reminiscent of a new beginning’.

I was of course wholly naive expecting some sudden alteration to the confinements, to the ambience that had beleaguered us for the last ten months. Pandemics do not follow the calendar any more that does our most uncooperative weather, both are inclined to wend exactly as they desire, without reference to man, Creator of beast.

Strangest thing is I felt quite comfortable within this oppressive bubble we know inhabit, as if the new reality that will be twenty twenty-one has already been formulated, digested, and accepted.  Not that I would say the adjustment was easy, nor particularly welcome, just that as humans we do appear to be so very adaptable to new and alien situations, sometimes not even being aware that scenarios and circumstances have changed incontrovertible and irrevocably till all is done and dusted.

Hindsight, that most profound of inclinations is quite literally described as being twenty-twenty vision, a most appropriate and yet surreal anomaly. Twenty twenty-one I am supposing must therefore be logically twenty-twenty vision plus one, perhaps as good a way of approaching something not exactly new, but most certainly an extension of an originality we have all found it necessary to confront and come to terms with.  

I do find myself pondering whether I really miss the old times, but in truth I am not completely sure I truly remember exactly what that ideal entailed, or if I simply miss the nostalgia that consideration provokes. Having once moved forward yesterday is effectively forgot, except of course in reminiscences, which are without fail more emotion than history.

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