22nd May 2020

Like many an individual who chooses to live upon Orcas Island I do so in a degree of comfort well suited to my age and circumstances. Perhaps not in the luxury of my youth, or the extravagance of my twenties and thirties but certainly in a manner that is both without the least stress, pressure or need for anything but the mildest economy. I eat mush as I wish, without concern for value, rather having more concern with the physical effects such everyday familiarity with cream and confectionary might have upon my wellbeing.

I apologize if my easy life disturbs you, or my acceptance of that social positioning offends your sensibilities. My situation is the result of an unbalanced combination of good fortune, hereditary chance, and good old-fashioned hard work, the first two components being totally outside my control the third completely within mine own wheelhouse. Society from its very inception has always been divided and subdivide into those whom have and have not, those whom squander their inheritances and chances whatever their volume and those who accumulate and increase yield. Agreed the playing field is entirely unfair, with no relationship to worth or suitability, yet inscrutably has survived tumultuous revolution from the very conception of civilization.

Having admitted mine own good fortune and an inability to warrant same  I am perhaps now able to express my concern and pain for those less fortunate, through circumstance, overriding challenge or even just misfortune who are unable to share in the fruit of our particular Eden. Whilst commiserating wholeheartedly I  can also admit to sharing much of your feeling of the total unfairness of such an inappropriate division of the gift of comfort and the ever virile forces of nature that seem to unswervingly oppose any attempt to rebalance the scales of universal justice. The world is quite blatantly biased in favor of minority against majority and any supreme being apparently has either accepted such a divide as the natural state of affairs or has a vested interest in its perpetuity.

There is no legitimate or acceptable reason or excuse for homelessness or an inadequate provision of accommodation, for starvation or a shortage of sustenance for the population en masse, for correctable bad health or an inadequacy of medical provision. All society’s ills are curable, all faults mendable, all irritants removable, as all freedoms are erodible, dependences erasable. Any reality exists only as long as does the will. To paraphrase Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, right is not might, might is right.

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