23rd May 2020

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Suddenly I am filled with anxiety
Doubts clouding my interpretation,
Questioning whether my education
Enables me to read and understand.
Comprehension was my specialty
Pride taken in familiarity with words,
But now I am uncomfortably pensive
Reviewing assumptions taken easily.
I laugh at my constant churning unease
Amused that time has taught me nothing,
Patient is not the strongpoint of power
Reigning as the head needs freedom.
Your eyes show me all your honesty
Their depth filled with such longing, 
Objects can be further than they seem
From the perspective of the sacrificial.
So I carefully accumulate the principles
Diverse threads in unrelated patterns,
Like bowls of fresh boiled pasta string
Needing oil to separate their strands.
You have the sauce already mixed
I chose you for your tang and texture,
Recognizing the medium to enhance
The often-bland flavor of truth I impart.

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