21st May 2020

December 31st 2013

 New Years Eve.
Another comes sliding through the night
Sneaking into my life to mark more failure.
How many have I endured, all good, all bad.
Resolutions proudly taken to be shattered
Because I am human flesh
Destined to fail dismally.

The millennium was special,
An exclamation mark on centuries past
Looking forward to a new beginning
Of hope and peace and……

I watched it die.
We let it die.
Sat down like directors without control
Letting the play control the actors
The players make up lines,
Anarchy, complete fucking anarchy
Pointless and yes,

Three Thousand, the next
Beyond my touch or imagination thankfully
Four or five generations removed
From my ability to screw it up.
Time enough perhaps to be forgotten
Erased from sentient fact or memory
Like the dark ages.

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