8th January 2020

Pleasant stroll to Eastsound today to take coffee in my new haunt Enzo’s ‘Café D’Art’. Still a feeling of poignancy passing Kathryn Taylor’s, but times are obliged to change so new pastures must be grazed.

The weather is a little chilly with the imminent threat of snow hanging heavy in the air. January is early for our yearly precipitation but hopefully that help ensure a speedy conclusion.

Time spent considering the news surrounding number Six’s decision to once more proclaim himself a free man. Much as in his previous incarnation Six’s insistence upon retirement is causing much ta do nationally and internationally amongst the less aware of the populous. Having served His time with great courage and duty, in the front line it should be attested much to his honor, Six now feels himself inclined to slip quietly into the background where financial security, he is after all a very wealthy young man, and retreating successional position will permit him.

People often mistake exile as an easy choice, it rarely ever is. However ensuring a resilient relationship with spouse and offspring is something easily worth sacrificing hereditary position for.

One thought on “8th January 2020

  1. Odd that I am waking up with coffee and your musings on Orcas while I am visiting the Big City for a week. I am in a state of wonder toward those, like me, who have chosen a quiet, secluded world of trees and vistas, but equally toward those who cannot live without the metal arteries of cars that drag them along to offices, parking lots, and back to boxes and postage stamp backyards. And yet the postage stamp backyard I am fortunate to visit has been treated to a variety of unusual plants chosen for their charismatic textures and heartening shades of yellow, lime green, Kelly green, mustard green, rust, in short, anything and everything that will bring one up and out of the gloom of expanses of grey and evergreen. Odd that back in the city I rediscover a longing to cultivate a garden.
    Spending time with your reflections is far superior to waking up with the news and Facebook. Thank you for sending the link. I am exploring your blog backwards, and have enjoyed the snowstorm in reverse.


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