7th January 2020

A chilly morn and the sound of rain upon the skylights is a good reminder that winter has finally shown his face. The prospect of snow within the next five days is high, but thankfully the long-term forecast shows no long-term accumulation this far below the tree line.

The world is becoming rather dangerous right now, with the eagle and lion deciding to indulge in a face off. Blame and threats are being banded to and fro in very cavalier fashion, let us pray their essence is more posture than actual intent. My greatest fear with the advent of modern technology, particularly autonomous systems, is that humanity somehow loses its ability to make decisions based on anything but cold logic and strategic necessity. When conflict can be waged out of sight, out of earshot, almost out of mind, it somehow loses all the horror and loathing it so richly deserves. Much better when contestants met face to face, exchanged blows withing clear sight, witnessed both the immediate destruction and long-term cost that aggression will invariably cause. War witnessed at long distance is no different than spectating gladiatorial combat from the comfort of colosseum seating, allowing unnatural pleasure from minimal personal danger.

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