9th January 2020

Early to mid-January my greatest enemy is lethargy, a total lack of motivation to do anything but roll over in bed and sleep. Perhaps this relates to advancing years, although numerous other people of varying ages seem to find habitual hibernation a major factor immediately following the festive season. Being a creature of habit I tend to spend each day much like the previous so a lack of motivation one day can lead at the end of a week to a thoroughly morose mood leading to extreme inactivity. Naturally I fight this tendency with Christian might, driving my spiritual army forward to ablute, dress, open the blinds and even traipse down the drive towards who know what. Invariably this leads to a sudden upsurge in my spirits, as my deeper pagan soul revels in the wonder of my now unfettered and natural surroundings.

The colors of winter are striking and vibrant, deep purples and blues, golden yellows. fiery reds, numberless shades of green. Water and sky take on a kaleidoscope of opposing tints, trees dance in a multiplicity of hues as the breezes flit through their thinning curtain.

Life lived is better than life avoided, beating heart and rasping breath reminders of joys awaiting.

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