6th January 2020

Would seem that the winter rains have descended upon the island, leaving everything in its wake extremely damp and beautifully vibrant in color. The trees, the conifers anyways, are at their picture best when clouds are low and the humidity high and the added bonus of a pleasant crispness in the air makes for perfect wandering weather. Some care is required under the canopy as a prevalence of lime in the subsoil makes for rather cloying progress and double laced shoes become a decided advantage. Seems more than likely that the snow line, as present way up Constitution about the 2000 feet mark will join the rest of we low level dwelling mortals withing a week or so. Thankfully we will only be blessed for a week at the outside, just sufficient time for me to capture what are always exhilarating views.

As regularly happens this time of year the island is going through a change of inhabitants, the less hardy heading east and south for warmer climes, an equal measure coming west to enjoy the winter solace.  I find it interesting that having struggled to attain a high degree of domesticity mankind now reverts to their earlier nomadic existence for purely climatic considerations.

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