28th December 2019

The last week or so I have developed a pronounced limp on my left leg, I tweaked the Achilles ascending some steps between one my bank and the main walkway. Seemed a very minor injury at the time but I am now ruing that I didn’t bother to treat immediately. Like any sportsman who competed in the sixties and seventies I have no real notion of correct procedure when injured, I know that going into hibernation is counterproductive on oh  so many levels but equally am lost for good practice beyond the eternal magic sponge, ice pack or horse liniment. I remember carrying an injury a full rugby season at school, my only eventual relief being the onset of cricket and only having to hobble a measly twenty-two yards at a time.

Always a considerable relief when the daily picture requires elimination rather than invention. The swans managed to be extraordinarily photogenic today, both by availability and a remarkable natural sense of natural framing. I was able to shoot a stream of shots without doing any more than step back and forth. Swans are of course closely tied to both my ancestry and home. Their annual appearance on Orcas ever brings the warmest of feelings and fondest of memories to my heart.

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