27th December 2019

A day for leisure. Late rise, long shower, an extra cup of coffee, a slow perusal of the news from the outside world. Being some distance from the commercial center occasional begs a day be spent on relaxation and recuperation.  Chores are still attended to, thoughts and writing completed. Even lazy days can result in positive progression.

The time between Solstice and New Year is perfect for contemplation, for considering circumstance, for unwinding body and mind, for looking backwards and forwards with an honesty warmer temperature make almost impossible. Today was a day for me, for inner cleansing, for laughing and frowning without fear or favor to any but myself. A day for vegetarian cuisine, overindulgent hydration, to rest and ice aching muscles, indulge nakedness, be uninspiring, a little unkempt, to be the prince life has quite rightly forgotten.

Friends, acquaintances, lovers, children, wives, enemies, irritants, today was a day spent in your company. Remembering, reappraising, but never regretting, whether success, failure, missed opportunity, foolish thought and deed.  My heartfelt thanks for being my companions in a life brimmed full and magnificently misspent.

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