29th December 2019

A day passed in the company of a zip lock bag filled with slowly melting ice, strategically held in place by a rather cute plaid fleece scarf over my offending left Achilles. Glad to say that a little strategically placed surgical tape seemed quite capable of keeping things together whilst I gimped around.

Spent my more immobilized treatment moments reviewing various well loved and over watched movies and made for the internet series. ‘The Hippopotamus’ is always guaranteed to make me smile, ‘Hannah’ make my blood pulse, ‘Britannia’ fill me with Pagan zeal.

Managed some small time limping about the compound collecting fresh sprigs of holly and some rather splendid ivy. Presented my finds in a rather nice carved clay bowl, kindly donated by my dear potter chum Robin, all surrounding a very nice unscented bees wax candle. The two bronze nymphs seemingly admiring the arrangement are part of a rather exotic collection of naked ladies I have scattered around upon many a surface in the cottage.

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