4th December 2022

I am unable to imagine that the act of camping as is presently contemplated, occasioned, stylized, advertised, glorified and a leisure pastime, would have slightest attraction to our forebears. A practice adapted from the military idea of the bivouac, to enable the well-organized party of travelers, explorers, adventurers, to trapse vast distances through unwelcoming, virgin territory, for some most inane and prestigious of purposes.

At best a very complicated strategy, organized quite obviously to protect, coddle, enable the expeditions leaders, the tip of that very formally arranged hierarchy, to manage their designs as completely and comfortably as possible, utilizing the labor and skills of numerous underlings in the process. A most inefficient and unequal way of proceeding.  

Naturally I played at outdoorsmanship when a lad, as a scout, a festival attended, a bit of a Jack, but the all-round enjoyment of the experience paled in comparison to and sumptuous hotel, even a run of the mill B and B. I am a proud loafer through and through.

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