3rd December 2022

People imagine there is something noble, righteous about being primitive, barbarous, there is not. Mankind has successfully climbed out to of that swamp though centuries of endeavor, struggle, cheating, conniving, fingernail ruining clawing upwards to the highest plain of comfort and superiority. ‘Tis quite beside the point that all we have gained is underserved, goes against the natural rules of the universe, had advanced our species influence far beyond anything due or warranted.

But having gained such an ascendency why should we relax our grip on the arms of the throne of power, be magnanimous with our success, and share the wealth with each and every other being?

 Selfishness is one of humanities greatest assets.  Have we not blithely reduced the viability of our very own planet simply for the provision of a little extra heating, the ability to travel vast unnecessary distances, and to pile on totally unneeded calories to the obvious detriment of all other life forms.

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