29th August 2022

The heroes and heroines of my childhood still linger, inspire from the distance, imbue my considerations with good and great intentions, focusing my objects and purposes upon the positive, dismissing dissentious thoughts utterly.

Admittedly my early worship was directed by societal norms, favoring the male over the female, the upright over the less acceptable, the native over the foreign. Thankfully my eyes opened gladly when finally permitted more universal faire, and I obtained a satisfactory degree of evenhandedness   in all perspectives. Most educations, like mine, are particularly and specifically biased, the world is not an open or even space, favoring the familiar and fashionable over any attempt at inclusivity.  

Just lately I favor the more obtuse luminary, the unsung idealist, the somewhat shaded light, a body whom once discovered becomes unforgettable, vital, indispensable, crucial to the understanding of example and precedent. Paradigms are not by necessarily physically boisterous or unattractive.

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