28th August 2022

The start of today is not particularly unique; indeed its beginnings evolve as do has many other openings in this celebrious theater, with the burning question upon the narrator’s lips echoing my aroused whisper, your plaintive enquiry, joining a whole upsurge of strident outcries, examining what exact gem of moral or ethical turpitude will decide to affront our collective consciences beyond the limits of possible standability.

The quandary do not last long, a moments perusal amongst the flotsam garnering the very center of the media’s attention will succinctly focus our beings upon the momentary core of this remarkable tempest.

Blood boiling, ire at fever pitch, we will stew by the directions of the powers that be, consider vaguely, weigh approximately according to our presently composed convictions, and then expound, privately, surreptitiously, with some subtlety, one does not wish to seem intransigent, overly intoxicated, nail a color to a mast that might infringe adaptability in the face of any sudden and explicit reconsideration.  

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