26th May 2022

My affinity with the works of Lewis Caroll is well recorded, but a yet not examined nor unexplained. My early introduction to the tales and characters was trough th medium of print, and from first sight I was captured, transfixed, inspired, to understand, emulate, follow, the great Dodgson’s example, vision, his conviction, that nonsense is a literary form worthy of continuation.

Most people on know the maestros work through various cartoons, movies, my beloved tomes having fallen into disfavor in this visually focused age. The magic his wit is often lost on within a plethora of situational humor, funny and witty, but lacking the depth of social and societal commentary laid out for our enlightenment in the original text.  

Each and every character, beginning from iconic Alice herself, represent a personality that Caroll deems worthy of appearance, comment, investigation, sometimes deeply, and occasionally fleetingly like the three rosebush painting playing cards. A kaleidoscope of snippets that paint an illuminating picture or living and surviving.

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