27th May 2022

I am trying very hard to ignore all little annoyances, those things whilst unimportant on the grand scale are guaranteed drive this fellow to drink or distraction.

Presently, following my second stroke I am constantly aggravated by my drooling. Not a huge physical inconvenience, except in the constant need for fresh towels, but a rather embarrassing symptom quite often casually diagnosed an indicator of mental incapacity, a charge I am presently in no position to   verbally deny.

Lack of speech I find I am adapting to surprisingly easily, the relief at not being expected to have a witty retort fit for every occasion is an absolute pleasure. In life an individual gets easily trapped by their mannerisms, idioms of speech and gesture.  That weight has most considerately    removed from dragging upon my yoke. I am free through omission.

As my challenges change, alter from one to another, my frustrations will be obliged to keep pace, morphing with equal dexterity.

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