19th May 2022

My first full day back at home and having to deal with all the detritus that the next few months probably hold in store. Feeding myself, and taking meditation, is a palaver that I can deal with, I do hope however my breathing eases and allows me to rest easier and longer.

Thank heavens it is my good fortune to surrounded by stars, willing to go that extra mile to appease this rather snarky soul.  It do seem my enforced dumbness has expanded my patience, a solid improvement that I can keep safe in my vest pocket continually more.

Stoicism is a much-loved British quality, practiced from childhood, for just this sort of occasion. Some societies see turning the other cheek as a form of weakness, so strange when Christianity is their avowed religion, but delivering and preaching are two very different forms of activity, the one gives magnanimously, the other looks to excuse wanton and pervasive neediness.

At minimum at my brain do begin to clear. The paragraphs helping to write themselves.

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