20th May 2022

Do I dream at night? A difficult question. Certainly reality changes, but by what exact process my realization is affected is impossible to relate with any accuracy. Nighttime existence bends, is supple, molds to needs and availability, filling any available space exactly, like a well-fitting glove,

I have begun to try to differentiate betwixt this world and the imaginary, but that is often impossible, for all forms have the same feeling of exactitude, with few exceptions. Rather now I am floating between every state, making the most of every experience, whatever they may be, promise or deliver. Tasting is now a much-desired experience, even philosophically, which is momentarily the extreme range of practicalities.  

Returning to Orcas yesterday I was reminded just how perfect, beautiful, peaceable, a nirvana we locals inhabit.  The madness of the mainland, that ocean of vehicles and faces had most easily infected my being. Just a breath of our pure atmosphere cured much more than can be easily stated.

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