16th March 2022

Today was my first time in the outside world since the mask imperative has been eased. I was prepared for any contingency, gap toothed smile at the ready for any positive interaction, and mask carefully folded in my waistcoat pocket should the need arise.

First stop the post office to pick up a parcel that had quite mysteriously been forwarded via USPS although in size and weight unsuited to postal box delivery. My face mask immediately came in to usage, both the waiting line of customers and the counter tellers were all wearing facial protection. I was happy to conform, somewhat pleased that my preparedness had not been on vain. The parcel was indeed heavy and awkwardly sized, but no pain to transfer to my friends deliciously colored vehicle.

Next to the main town three-way to purchase coffee. I noted both baristas and customers were sans bandana, so I joined them in open faced freedom. I find the young ladies who work in this establishment particularly charming and amusing, always having a cheery word to share and most attentive in their service. I of course like to take their attention as personally flattering, although I am quite certain that the same excellent treatment is rewarded to all their clientele. The coffee is always excellent to taste, and most reasonable in cost, with the added bonus of a complementary card that eventually rewards with a free beverage. The only thing better than an excellent mocha coffee is a free mocha coffee.

We take our coffee overlooking the shoreline of North beach. A most picturesque spot, with the added amusement of watching the children who generally are playing there most school afternoons. ‘Tis a most pleasant interlude rain or shine.

Final stop before home is Island Market for grocery supplies. Inside the new mask guidelines were in force, so I stayed open faced till reaching the cashiers station. Seemed quite logical to cover up when dealing face to face with another person. The cashiers were being equally cautious.

Seems like we may all settle into a kind of mid space, dependent on circumstances and risk. Seems most sensible and suitable to me.

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