17th March 2022

‘Tis most plain that the second greatest obsession of the American populace, professional grappling, is but a vivid theatrical recreation of the first, the fundamentally administered Christian religion. Both have rather obvious warring participants, battling for the hearts and minds of the gawping audience, using every good and bad trick available to be preeminent in the roped ring of combat..

Both theatrical parodies, for one is but a skillfully manipulated representation of a sport, the other a very compelling sketch of religion, began their journey to greatness in the sawdust interiors of carnival tents, their only true purpose to persuade a skillfully gathered audience to donate their hard-earned wealth to the organizers and participants of such presentations.

Such is a truth that only holiest of writ is allowed to debunk, for the power of the sports entertainment producers and the ensconced pharisees is great and can easily exhaust the most strident of investigators. For a show producers might is their popularity, the lie they sell being far more acceptable than any other truth readily available to the commoners sitting in any auditorium pews.

Both mountebanks skillfully present a false narrative most enveloping, an illusory realty wherein the results are easily manipulated and presented for the audiences emotional delight and spiritual satisfaction.

I would never be do bold as to criticize any soul for the absurdities of their beliefs, for without a question mine own are as vague and unwelcoming to human scrutiny as any others. However, most redemptively mine do contain poetry, beauty, hope, charity and salvation, a quintet of the most precious gifts ever designed to be within the orbit of one human to share with or confer upon another.If you were expecting from me some elucidating comparison betwixt these two charlatan forms of entertainment, I apologize for being disappointing. I find both their stages most enthralling, absorbing, cunningly feeding all the necessary emotional needs of the human psyche. They are equally powerful, inviting, exalting of the spirit, and enriching to the moral compass

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