20th February 2022

To some degree I have allowed myself to become emasculated, be void of ardent principle, empty of anger, even when warranted. For some I have found the production of ire exhausting, particularly in a society hell bent on thrusting aside sensibility and earnestness. Foolishness prevails far too broadly to make irritation a worthy resolve, little purpose in persuading or cajoling when the target of resolution just does not have the ambition or even the capacity to adapt, learn, transform. Independent will without inherent guidelines is purposeless, freedom is of no use to a solitary body or the herd, solo beasts are incapable of producing change, members of a drove has no concept of how single-mindedness expands possibilities.

I now endeavor to reconnoiter a predictable path, one that avoids chaffing interactions.  I reserve my wealth, my substance, to those few persons willing to exchange views passionately, without vindictiveness. Real individuals, original, not pressed from the same base metal.

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