21st February 2022

There is almost orgasmic relief in finally admitting that I really cannot hope to change the world, overcome the multiplicitous divisions that seem constantly to exacerbate, quieten the heinous arguments that become increasingly voluminous daily. Recognizing failure in such a fundamental pursuit, one that shapes an existence from origin to cessation, removes a terrible weight, one that the human physique was never naturally designed to bear. ‘Tis a vocation of almost godlike design, one in truth beyond practicality and serious contemplation, but ever grasped tightly by the impassioned and foolish.

The aim to leave our planet better than when it greeted us is a philosophic standpoint of the very highest caliber, but also a desire quite contrary to the general thrust of the human species long-term activities, We are a destructive kind, incapable of rumination beyond our own genus’s very narrow perspective.

The earth will survive long beyond our demise, quite successfully and satisfactorily.

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