26th January 2022

The human physique is a most peculiar and contrary creation, being unable to easily last the full measure of its occupying spirits span. The intellect is willing to continue seemingly permanently, admittedly with some reduction in intellectual capacity towards twilight, but flesh and bones, sinews, and muscles, dissipate quite alarmingly ahead of life’s final hurrah.

The catalogue of our ills becomes quite recognizable through the repercussions of their effects, also figuratively reflecting the chronicles of every experience, each scar, ache, or pain representing a lesson learned most hard, or perhaps a memory most formative, cherished for its consequential results and effects. Some negatives can be the most positive influencers upon an existence.

‘Tis the ancillary that fail, the extremities, the most subjugated and utilized, parts that whilst additional, perhaps afterthoughts, are constant companions is the most base and simplistic of daily activities. I do not need to list their nomenclature, for from the very beginnings of a life their tendency to falter or fail is obvious to all, requiring as they do an unnatural catalogue of attention and upkeep from persons whose professions and skills are entirely dependent upon human frailties. The dentist, dermatologist, podiatrist, tonsorialist, chiropractor, manicurist, are all varieties of such practitioners, dependent for their daily bread upon humanities susceptibilities, and necessary maintenance, ever increasing and accelerated through the merciless passing of time.

Some enfeeblements are self-inflicted, through the vagaries of vanity, fashion, narcissism, pointless pursuits ridiculously necessary through the strange machinations of the individual’s furtive needs and idealized persona. The coiffure is a prime example, parameters as far separate as the full head of the never shorn Sikh, or the utterly devoid Buddhist priest, with every possible variant betwixt the two carefully prepared and sustained by a cadre of aficionado.

Some foundering is by its nature punitive, a direct rejoinder to past foolishness’s. Such retribution is delicious, orgasmic, a constant reflection upon climactic apotheosis.

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