27th January 2022

I understand being prepared might be considered a chore, but in all honesty what other priorities are so vital as to take precedence over necessary circumspection? Do you consider the import of your sucking in your next breath, taking nourishment when racked with hunger, slurping a beverage when thirst parched? Or perhaps you are suggesting you are the arbiter of your own fortune, have direct power over future outcomes, have no need to worm in the dust with the remainder of us poor beasts?

Making ready is a most polite and considerate process. Not being the grit withing the flywheels of the mechanism, the weight dragging endlessly, is a simple manifestation of cooperation with all and sundry, a most necessary allowance.

Good manners, civility, genteelness, cost nothing, but accrue much advantage. Punctual provision is a most vital component of the discipline of community, civilization, a recognition of unity in process, purpose, and aspiration.

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