5th January 2022

We are all creatures of habit. Take us outside of our normality’s and we become confused, uncertain, unable to easily function moment to moment as we wish. or as we ever have. The years 2019 through 2021 have been most disconcerting, challenging in many a way, for the first time in half a century people were threatened globally with possible disaster of deadly consequence. We adapted, took precautions, kept just ahead of the direst repercussions, survived, continued, definitely boxed about the ears, but beaten to the ground most decidedly not.

Or so dear friends it did appear till that ever-reliable opponent the weather took a hand in our local affairs. A white Christmas is a most wonderful thing, the very essence of cards, carols, romantic imaginings. But in reality, when accompanied by freezing temperatures and gales seemingly direct from the Himalayas, not quite so joyous.

At least ‘twas only a week or so, not three years and counting. A little light relief from the continuing slog one might say.

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