6th January 2022

Are you obsessive? I am, about all kinds of completely immaterial things, habits, happenstances, events, as if by missing any one of my addictive behaviors unrepairable damage will occur somewhere in the universe.

I suppose such a phobia might be considered a good indication of self-aggrandizement, an exaggerated belief that each life has some intangible consequence beyond that which is materiality manifest. An illogical conclusion that each and every action is magically interconnected to others, that my activities will result in a change in the flow in time and space. Such a preposterous notion. Or is it?

Moral and ethical considerations are based on such illogical propositions, that we all share responsibility for every act in the universes ongoing spectacle, dramatic, comedic, farcical, or tragic. Ego is quite firmly the basis of every rule and stipulation passed down through generations, or rather theatrically conjured from the imaginings of the latest equitable circle.

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