12th November 2021

Having spent a number of days suffering what could be called a mild fever, not sufficient to cause untoward concern but quite hot enough to feel uncomfortable, I was very glad to suddenly feel in the middle of my nights repose the ill depart, and a degree of normality return. The cause of ‘the hots’ is to a degree immaterial, body temperature is ever susceptible to variance, my guiding principle being as long as my consciousness avoids beginning to fry, I am probably going to survive.

The upshot of my return to reasonable coolness, was the sudden urge to rise from my heap of quilts and pillows, L like a fluffy cot, to indulge in a mug of hot sweetened coffee, a most unusual beverage you would be permitted to suggest for partaking amidst what would hopefully be a continuing repose.  I am a chap of strange dietary likes and dislikes; caffeine does not generally cause any diminishing in my ability to slumber as and when half the chance arises. The sweet bitterness is however inclined to make my mind ferment, as good a motivation as any to indulge in this particular form of explanatory diatribe. The burst of mental acumen will be short lived have no doubt, quickly dissipating to return my consciousness to its normal indolent and slothful condition.

The sound of a heavy downpouring thunders upon the roof above my head, an effect I absurdly find both chilling and comforting. Weather produces more instances of opposing effects than any other natural phenomenon I would suggest, the sun producing clarity and blinding glare, a gust of wind delightful airiness and belligerent pressure, mist enchanting visages yet deeply disturbing shadows.

The sky outside is starting to show light, I so readily forget that dawn approaches quite so early in November. Being a creature of less circumspect habits in my dotage I seldom have reason to consider such matters. Rising for breakfast is but a distant memory, for surely luncheon approaches ever convivially.

To sleep then, perchance to dream, but not to hallucinate, the time for fever has happily passed.

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