13th November 2021

Priority for the day, purchase lots of tinned soups at the Market! I like soup, its nutritious, easy to prepare, readily available at shoulder level, stacked two high in a kitchen cupboard. I have recently taken to easting flour tortillas with my days meal, they are that little bit of bite and chew that sets the digestive system rampant, and when lightly kissed by heat on both sides extraordinarily delicious. My choice of flavors in delicious rich stocks varies by the season, but French Onion always fits the bill, especially with a little shredded cheese a-floating upon the surface of the steaming dish. Asparagus and mushroom also appear high on the favorites list, Mulligatawny and Mock Turtle making the top ten.

Buttery tasting croissants, I purchased half a dozen. Two with a slight spread of extra butter, a can of French onion soup warmed with a tin of sweet green peas added makes for my evening repast, and very tasty too. The soup and pea combination is enough for two meals, so the exact same tomorrow.  I can never get too much of a good thing!

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