6th October 2021

Some beasts are better left alone, for in finding them the very worst of happenstances might occur, the very hunting, spotting, or trapping the creatures bringing about a change in the very nature of the universe.

Such beings exist in legend, in literature, in verse, both simple and obtuse, frequenting islands and lands sufficiently far away to make the journey daunting in the beginning, precarious in the going, and extremely haphazard in the arrival. A quest not to be taken casually or alone, rather in the company of other adventurous souls, equally keen to observe the unlikely as ever you may be.

Provisions you will need a plenty, food for consumption and for bait, crystal clear water or ginger beer for the slaking of momentous thirsts, for stalking, especially in foreign climes is exceeding parching work. Clothing is best kept utilitarian, perhaps a matelots suit of deep French blue, with white piping to accent the nautical theme, for a boat of adequate birth is most decidedly needed both for the going and the homecoming with the safely and suitably caged prey.

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