5th October 2021

Knights, whether White, Black, or even Red, are obsessed by playing within the rules, however obtuse and idiocentric those restrictions might appear when looked at with eyes wide open and a most sensible perspective. Admittedly, they are obliged to keep their adventures within the boundaries of a very restrictive area, but sixty-four squares large. And those squares but barely larger that the base upon which they are permanently are obliged to stand.

These officious, military, regimental type chaps follow the very same chivalric code, meaning they all unfailingly understand each other’s motives and methods. Meaning any chance of an unexpected move or gambit is entirely removed. The Knecht will unfailingly leap to the opposite corner of a six square oblong with the predictability of the passage of existence itself.

Such outmoded warriors may still be observed, decoration embellished, pennant brandishing, corralled within the confines of association clubhouses, seated, quaffing, relating tales of games won, lost, and drawn.

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