11th September 2021

I decided to give myself some cursory relief from the constant and decidedly acidic toing and froing within social media, that invariable resolves little to nil, and in inclined to leave me filled with overwhelming disappointment and despair. Gossip is never positive, and all social media forms are but tittle tattle to be certain, draining any belief I may have in the value of casual conversation whatsoever. The forms are trite, with barely sufficient words to make a cohesive point, follow no concept of logic I can discern, and end up but a personal opportunity to show animosity or derision, that most negative of negatives.

Today I returned to the headlines, the banners, that claim to succinctly capture all in a well-turned pithy phrase. I found no improvement, little change,, the usual sculpting of facts to confirm s very particular perspective. We now witness the fulfillment of a trend that started when broadsheets became tabloids, politicians said little for fear of the faux pas, secrecy became a means not to hide the classified, but the truth.

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