12th September 2021

It is plainly obvious that those who administer power have not the slightest understanding of the effects their pronouncements have upon the minions they are employed to serve. It requires a particularly determined and unflinching character to wield governmental authority, to pursue in the face of endless opposition those matters they consider best to bring constant advancement in the welfare of the populus, not to mention the necessity of an ongoing improvement in the vibrancy of the economy.

By necessity high amongst the virtues required of such a salient individual is the bloody mindedness to soldier on when all around are bewailing at minimum please pause, if not crying wailfully halt indefinitely. Such persons tend to be either of military origin, explaining their ability to march forward unrepentantly, or more mysteriously rising from grassroots public popularity, a quality that makes for excellent soundbites but little administrative ability.

As punters we very much get the leaders we deserve, much to our constant shame.

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