12th August 2021

My fascination with life’s little and large oddities came about as a direct result of a heartfelt dislike of the bland, unentertaining, humdrum, matter of fact. Some are happy to trudge through their daily missions in this oft mundane dimension without the need for utter satisfaction of their wholly understandable desire for delicacy, specialties, food for mind and soul more delicious, undeniably tastier, gastronomically so much more satisfying than a daily portion of gruel.

Unusual happenstances are also inclined to produce feelings of slight discomfort, to make the hackles rise, induce a dry mouth, shortage of breath, an erratically beating heart, to facilitate for want of easier metaphors feelings of aliveness, currency, actuality. To awake each single day in the hope of experiencing the unique, unparalleled, original, is not such a strange or   unprecedented wish for a beast naturally possessing unending inquisitiveness and meddlesomeness. Rather it is unnatural to accept plain old porridge as a delicacy.

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