13th August 2021

Ostracized, ostrich-acized, are word and pun phonetically similar in sound and pronunciation, and unsurprisingly related to a very similar set of circumstances, the one caused by societal reaction, the other by a self-inflicted and rather absurd response. Present global circumstances, particularly in our own backyard, give clear and concise examples of both variants, fatally connected, tragically unfortunate and unquestionably ineffective.

The inclination to exclude, shun, purge, the already known or possible new carriers of our latest virulency is most certainly an example of community ostracization, a throwback to past ages when the answer to plague or pestilence was mass slaughter of victims and the destruction by cleansing fire of all and any remainder or reminder of the unfortunates existence. Since its earliest inception, in the ancient Greek civilization unsurprisingly, the term has always required popular acceptance and support, being quite unethically considered a democratic solution to a societal unacceptable and threatening situation. Persecution by democratic consensus, a most peculiar but oft reoccurring nonsensicality.

The habit, the ridiculousness, of closing the eyes and mind in the face of physically overwhelming or morally unacceptable circumstances, is a shadowing of the order Struthioniformes suggested defense of burying their heads in sand when under threat, a behavior clearly ostrich-acised.

What I do not see cannot harm me, what I refuse to accept or recognize will not affect a one of us. Thus is the irrational cry of the denier in the face of all and any evidence or perspective alternative to their own, the unbending ignorance of traditionalism, fundamentalism, suggesting that what always has been must continue unabated or the fabric of society itself will tear and become forever untenable.

I apologize somewhat for making a parody of actuality, poking fun at ongoing stupidity, condemning irrational closemindedness, but humor has ever been a tincture against foolishness, and in times of deep trouble and anxiety I reach unfailingly for my puns.

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