30th June 2021

‘Tis mid-summer in an Olympic year and four stages into the thousand and twenty-one Tour de France, both filling my mind with sporting images both actual and fantasmagorical.  With the upsurge of internet access streaming events live is simplistic, anyone with a decent connection and a world chronometer can enjoy the bumps and grinds of the action as it materializes in real time. The physical activity fanatic, sports fan to you and me, can enjoy all they can consume round the clock, twenty-four hours nonstop, starting with rules football in Australia and finishing with late night contact entertainment from the United States east coast.

Fantasy sports are just as present, both the wholly imaginary like Quidditch, to the merely fanciful like dodgeball, disc golf, beer pong, all of which no doubt would certainly be made into Olympic sports by public demand if idiocy was allowed play.

Flamingo lawn croquet is mine personal favorite, because of the way the hedgehogs so delightfully wander off when our of sight.

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