29th June 2021

It might appear that my memory is full of stories, of events that have molded my life experience into the wonderful panoply of exciting variety. On some levels that statement would be true, if not for the most stringent editing most every tale must endure. Unexpurgated is exactly the word to describe my history, filled with adventures colorful, somewhat illicit, decidedly Rabelaisian. From mine own perspective the escapades were equally balanced joyful and sad, I have never done commonplace well, generally faltering of not tripping at the first serious hurdle. Many might find this sanguine approach to the highly serious matter of existence somewhat audacious, but timidity in the face of outrageous odds did never stay my hand.

Therefore my anecdotes be a little erratic, seeming to be lacking some of the paramount factors that led to a particular sharp inclination to left or right. Reason being that certain vital ingredients, like the mystery herbs and spiced in Kentucky Fried Chicken must remain hidden away in a secret and very secure place.

I was brought up tp never disparage two groups on people, firstly the passed, for they have unquestionably paid for any errors they may have committed. Secondly the fairer sex, who might or might not receive their just desserts, but my father’s unequivocal instructions cleverly ignored that hoary question altogether. This does not indicate that either party avoid my harsh mental judgement, or a suitable tongue lashing from my constantly jabbering internal voice, rather that publicly I am uninclined to be drawn into comment or consideration about matters done and dusted.

Grudges are such unsavory feelings, spoiling both good and bad memories with equal glee. I cannot remember a one relationship that was all negative, had not one redeeming characteristic to save the interaction from warranting utter regret.  Perhaps I have been lucky that all my interactions can be read as positive, even if but momentarily. Five O’clock shadow is a fact of life, so much more acceptable if worked into tonsorial elegance.

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