13th June 2021

The manner in which humanity reacts, copes, with the various happenstances that beguile them, varies hugely, dependent on degree of effect, discomfort, joy, all the host of emotional states so forcibly packed into the human psyche by experience, consideration, education, or simple naked surprise. Some fall into deep, dark, internalized moods, carefully considering every nuance, facet, possibility, till settling upon an overall viewpoint. Others explode publicly, exposing all and sundry to their shattered or fixated opinions.

My solution is always the same, I write, not with particular care or incision, but rather in a flurry of words, of expressed perspectives, showing perhaps not my opinion, for that can easily change under the myriad of unpredictable circumstances life so easily vomits haphazardly, but rather as an immediate cleansing process, exuding the well-founded particulars I momentarily consider relevant.  Long term viewpoints, settled positions, should ever be internalized, for they expose the core of a persons being, their soul, their very Jungian anima.

My preference for written expression does not reflect any concept of my scribblings being of particular import, having long term relevance, or that an audience somewhere awaits with bated breath upon the very edge of their favorite reading chair, rather the exercise is for a readership of one, myself alone, the only mortal or immortal I can guarantee will peruse my honeyed phraseology. Orators speak stridently, with great loquacity, painting pictures for our ears of marvelous canvases of experience and panorama.  I was a childhood stutterer, my speaking voice was a battle, a struggle against repetitious or prolonged words and sounds, delivered by the hand of some demonic force upon my vocalizations. Eventually the stigmata largely faded, only reappearing under extreme stress or emotional turmoil, but the fear, that terror of certain simplistic sounds remains unresolved.

And so I type, fast, furiously, splurging meanderings upon a screen, onto a page, asking fingertips to promulgate my voice.

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