14th June 2021

Being ‘real’ does not infer presenting yourself honestly. It rather suggests continually projecting whom you wish you were in a perfect scenario. We have little choice in our reality, we are genetically tied to our heritage, physically enmeshed with our biological traits, psychologically produced by experience, and understanding. Choice is an extremely late diner at the table of persona, requiring a freedom to ignore the ingredients and in some nouveau cuisine fashion reinvent the sandwich as a random filling uncaptured on both sides with baked dough. Fanciful affectations or clever dressing do not change substance, cannot disguise a strong flavor from taste buds, hide a heavy accent with subtle pronunciation. The truth will out, prevarication disassemble, pretense evaporate under steady heating.

Most humans, if they ignore their gullibility to pretense, admiration for the theatrical, have a natural sense of the genuine, an attraction to honesty, plain speaking, open emotionality. Being ‘real’ should embrace these qualities, rather than obliterating them.

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