2nd June 2021

The most base question to be asked? What circumstances, situations, continuances give leave to be optimistic for future times, and could consistently make life more amenable?

My answer, whilst seeming a little obtuse is actually straightforward. My continued persuasion of the humanities good attributes and intentions, a species that without a shadow of a doubt has the physical and intellectual capacity to be the most heinous of all residents of this fair globe. We are a life form with such a capability for unfettered evil, that the slightest existence of a streak of goodness within our souls denotes the high probability of an unseen form of ethical being consistently overseeing and guiding our considerations and actions.

I happily concur that such a belief in unfeigned abiding hope is anomalous, factually unfounded, historically unwarranted, yet the adverse so repels my inner being as to make me shun logic in the vain search for a universal redemption. Those who rule are doubly ordained to be both responsible and attentive.

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