3rd June 2021

Just around the bend, a mere stone throw beyond where our vision is able to reach, approaches a hero, a luminary, an individual possessing all the wonderous qualities that civilization so needs for fulfillment, a joyful soul, striding with purpose, whistling with gusto, smiling serenely, the exact persona of all we ache for and furtively desire. Upon their arrival our sagging shoulders will be lifted, our furrowed brows smoothed, worries will dissipate, troubles diluted to almost clarion purity, you, I and all will be fulfilled, complete, enraptured, raised, infinitely empowered.

Serenity’s presently arrival will be predicted, assured, proclaimed, by many a visitor to our leafen copse. By the young, in the form of auguring messengers, by adults, in shape of salespeople, dealers in relics, proselytizers of usury, owners of the free willed, enslaving the afflicted and knowledgeable.  All peoples quite naturally proving to be false prophets of this illusory savior.

A tale often told, comedically played, theatrically presented to critical acclaim, much misunderstood, vaguely disturbing through its familiarity, horribly current in each and every epoch, Shakespearian in its deep dissection and understanding of the nature of humanity and our need for hope, reason, and eventual salvation. We discuss, share, envision a perfect road, expect the golden path, an enlightened auger pointing, directing out efforts, hopes, wishes, thoughts, to a higher purpose.

Patiently, intransigently, we all await Godot in our particular, unique, personal way. Against all odds, ignoring logic, defying chance, we cling to the impossible dream that our paladin wilt appear momentarily, dressed in finest armor, aboard a charger of brilliant light, carrying on his guidon the message we seek, the answer to all our questions, the antidote to all our woes.

Beckets brilliance in authoring two simplistically staged acts, starring two abstract individuals on a seemingly directionless journey to places unknown, or more exactly a place existing alone  in Godots mind, is creating a dramatic metaphor for humankinds life, hopes, and absurd beliefs.

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