26th January 2021

A quiet afternoon spent noshing in good company, the absolute best way to spend a birthday! Plenty of good wished, always very welcome, and happily acknowledged, happy thoughts brighten the dullest of occasions.

Thankfully, the current seemingly endless precipitation abated long enough for me to enjoy a preluncheon mostly downhill saunter, always a blessing upon this picturesque but evenly undulating island.

First meal out since Covid struck, yes almost a whole year, Fish, and chips at the Lower, always a treat, with a nice refreshing root beer to wash the delicious cod down. Fried fish is my favorite out treat, always has been from for most of my life. Take out restaurants were heavily biased towards fish and chop shops at home, hamburger joints were few and far between, I well recall the first Americanized ‘Wimpy’ arriving around the late sixties. The thereafter sudden change, as with all convolutions, resulted in overindulgence, and a regrettable thereafter lack of variety, demand, quality, and service, never to be corrected to date.

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