27th February 2021

One of the more unfortunate attributes that old age facilitates is the inability to feel surprise when disappointed or otherwise let down. Experience, repetition, teaches us that the one consistent trait of the human species is its consistent skill at being predictably unreliable, which of course confirms the wholly heinous faults of unremitting self-interest and inconsideration for others.

As a social animal, a beast who relies upon interaction for much of their daily necessities, the modern human is surprisingly casual at honing those strengths, preferring self engrandisment or egocentrism to reciprocally enriching activities.

Such solitary consideration is all well and good until whatever credit might previously have been acquired or earned is dissipated, then accrual of replacement resources requires some fresh asset source. Another forced effect of aged experience is that most telling of sayings, ‘once bitten, twice shy’. Sad the soul whose flock of migrated good wishes never returns to roost in their rafters again.

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